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Auth0 vs Authsignal

To help, we’ve compared Auth0 and Authsignal on key factors like price, ease of use, and features so you can make an informed decision that fits your needs.

If you’re like most businesses, privacy and security is crucial especially when it comes to building trust with your customers. Building a customer experience that is both secure and slick is a challenge. Achieving this balance isn't easy, especially if you have to build it from scratch.



Auth0 is a fully fledged identity provider (IdP). Not optimized for fast deployments or nuanced control over risk

Auth0 most recently part of Okta is a monolitic identity provider, offering the full lifecycle of identity use cases like user management, password credentials, oauth2.0, and social logins.

Auth0 is great if have a new project, do not forsee a large user database, or do not have complex risk control requirements, key features like WebAuthn and passkeys are gated behind expensive enterprise minimum commitments.

Moving to Auth0 is a bit more complicated, being a fully fledged identity provider means that you would need to asses the impact of switching on your current architecture, this may involve months of planning and migration efforts.


Authsignal is a drop in passwordless (MFA) solution, designed to help platforms optimize risks and customer experience

Authsignal is the fastest way to integrate digital trust and safety tools for your customer journeys.

Authsignal's simple to use single API solution is all that is required, giving your app pre-built MFA Passwordless Authentication challenges, a no-code rules engine to manage friction, and out-of-the-box analytics and audit trails to manage your customers.

There is no other solution that gives you this full suite of functionality with great value pricing and speed of integration. In fact, Authsignal provides a simple integration that can plug-into Auth0 to turn on MFA factors like passkeys. Some of our customers choose this integration to get the best of both worlds.


Auth0 & Authsignal

Platform featuresAuth0Authsignal
No code rules engineNo, High code Auth0 actionsYes
Single view of the customerNoYes
Full audit trailNo, Only basic audit trailsYes
Drop in solutionNoYes
Passkey supportYes, Only on paid enterprise minimum contract.Yes

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