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Call Center

Reduce call handling times & mitigate fraud risks.

Integrate best-in-class call center authentication. Deploy risk-based MFA and Passkeys into your call flows, configure rules, and deploy in hours.

Quickly authenticate legitimate callers.

Reduce call handling time and queues, enrich customer experience with call routing data, remove drawn-out security questioning, and improve customer and staff experience.

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Mitigate fraud risks with phishing resistant Passkey authentication.

Stop deep fake voice biometric account takeovers with phishing resistant passkey and face biometrics authentication.

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Integrate into your current ecosystem, don’t migrate.

Flexible APIs enable easy integration with your current technology ecosystem to maximize your investment.

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Effortless UX

Simply drop in our top-tier Authenticator Enrolment and Challenge flows. Add your logo and away you go.

No-code rules engine

Gain fine-grained control of your fraud customer journeys with our powerful no code rules engine.

Single view of the customer

Our Track Action API offers a single FraudOps view of your customers, bringing peace of mind to Fraud and Operational teams.

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