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Understanding Relying Parties for Passkeys: A Guide on what, why, and how to use them.
Relying parties (RPs) are crucial to ensuring passkeys are phishing-resistant. In more detail, we explain what relying parties are and how to configure them.
Unlock Passwordless for AWS Cognito
Authsignal's flexible integration model allows you to easily switch from using AWS Cognito's hosted UI to using Lambda triggers inorder to implement Passwordless.
NIST Passkeys Supplementary Guidelines: April 2024 Part 2 Implementation
Our initial analysis addressed the new NIST supplement for passkeys, breaking down the changes and clarifying positions regarding synced/syncable passkeys. In part 2, we focus on implementation considerations.
NIST Passkeys Supplementary Guidelines: April 2024 Part 1
NIST's supplement offers clarity on FIDO2 Passkeys, especially syncable ones, aiding adherence to NIST AAL standards.
Rapid Response Playbook: Account Takeovers & Credential Stuffing
A rapid-response playbook tailored specifically for the aftermath of Account Takeovers (ATOs) and Credential Stuffing incidents.
How to enable MFA for Auth0 using Authsignal
Supercharge your Auth0 instance with Authsignal and deploy Passkeys and Risk based MFA.
Protecting Loyalty Programs with Multi-factor Authentication
Loyalty programs drive relations and growth, but cyber threats surge with the value of accounts. Multi-factor authentication is now essential for security.
Navigating Passkeys within SCA PSD2
PSD2 SCA reinforces financial security through its Strong Customer Authentication mandate. Authsignal's platform streamlines compliance by integrating Passkeys.
Flutter Passkeys SDK
Adding Passkeys support to your Flutter mobile app is now made extremely easy using Authsignal's latest Flutter Passkeys SDK release.
Java Passkeys back-end SDK
‍Authsignal's Java SDK allows engineers to implement passkeys server side calls in Java/JVM server environments.
Essential Eight Updates: The rise of phishing-resistant MFA
Authsignal breaks down the critical aspects of The Essential Eight Maturity Model specifically related to multi-factor authentication.
How to champion passkeys within your organization.
This article aims to give talking points of identity or security professionals, and a framework to champion the adoption of passkeys within their organization.
Passkeys APIs and SDKs: Simplifying Secure Implementation
Passkeys APIs and SDKs - A guide to easily implement Passkeys. Educating customers on the benefits of passkeys is crucial in building adoption.
Passkeys Support for AWS Cognito & Amplify
Learn how to enable Passkeys support for AWS Cognito and Amplify in your native iOS and Android applications with React Native using our implementation guide.
Passkeys Mobile Native SDKs
Authsignal is proud to release our latest feature: Mobile Native SDKs for Passkeys. This includes platform support for iOS, Android and cross-platform support..
Understanding Passkeys: Functionality and Why Authsignal Leads in Passkey Deployment
Passkeys are unique combinations of characters, such as passwords or cryptographic keys, used to authenticate and authorize users. They enable the removal of...
Authsignal Yubikey Integration! Win a Yubikey
Authsignal is excited to announce our integration and support for Yobico Yubikeys. Authsignal's listing in the self-certified Yubikey marketplace
The Top Types of Fraud in 2022
Account Takeovers, Sim Swapping, Automation, Crypto Attacks and Synthetic Identities are now the top choices for modern cybercriminals in 2022

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