Authsignal is excited to announce our integration and support for Yobico Hardware Yubikeys.

Our partnership and listing in the self-certified Yubikey marketplace signal the strength of Authsignal's Authentication and flexibility to deliver tried and tested Passwordless Authentication methods to secure the customer experience and Journey.  Used in conjunction with Authsigna's no-code rules engine, Yubikey offers one of the strongest forms of authentication available.

Developers, engineers and product managers are now able to create secure workflows using the phishing-proof FIDO2 standard. Authsignal is a FIDO2/WebAuthn compliant server. When coupled with our loved no-code rules engine and MFA and Passwordless challenge flows, you’ll deliver a best-in-class experience for your users and know that you are not sacrificing on security.

From today Authsignal is certified as supporting the use of Yubikey’s with FIDO2/WebAuthn and One-time password (OTP).

Authsignal is compatible with the below YubiKeys

Get started by configuring WebAuthn with security keys as an authenticator here.

To celebrate our new integration and partnership, we're giving away 5 Yubikeys on LinkedIn below 👇🏼.