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What does "FSC Standard No. 29" mean for Australian Superannuation Funds? - Protecting customers through Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
Learn how FSC Standard No. 29 enhances fraud prevention for Australian superannuation funds with MFA. Discover how Authsignal helps ensure compliance and secure customer assets.
NIST Passkeys Supplementary Guidelines: April 2024 Part 2 Implementation
Our initial analysis addressed the new NIST supplement for passkeys, breaking down the changes and clarifying positions regarding synced/syncable passkeys. In part 2, we focus on implementation considerations.
NIST Passkeys Supplementary Guidelines: April 2024 Part 1
NIST's supplement offers clarity on FIDO2 Passkeys, especially syncable ones, aiding adherence to NIST AAL standards.
Call Center Authentication Best Practices
Discover call center authentication methods, including biometrics and FIDO2 Passkeys, and best practices for countering deep fakes.
Navigating Passkeys within SCA PSD2
PSD2 SCA reinforces financial security through its Strong Customer Authentication mandate. Authsignal's platform streamlines compliance by integrating Passkeys.
Meeting Compliance: Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Control Requirements
MFA is a critical control in today's compliance. Authsignal maps out the relevant requirements in ISO 27001, PCI DSS Level 1, and SOC 2.

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