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Unlock Passwordless for AWS Cognito

May 30, 2024
Ben Rolfe
Unlock Passwordless for AWS Cognito

Authsignal is excited to announce its partnership with AWS Marketplace! Authsignal is an MFA and passwordless platform that offers seamless and secure authentication solutions for enterprise and mid-market businesses. Through this partnership, businesses can quickly deploy risk-based customer authentication, including passkeys, passwordless authentication, eKYC, and biometric authentication.

Why Choose Authsignal on AWS Marketplace

Authsignal's integration model enables rapid implementation and deployment, and the configurable rules (police's) engine empowers organizations to focus on their core business. By partnering with AWS Marketplace, we offer several unique benefits.

  1. Authentication: Phishing-resistant MFA, risk-based authentication / passwordless authentication supporting authentication types supporting FIDO2 WebAuthn with Passkeys, WhatsApp OTP, TOTP, Email OTP, Magic links, SMS OTP, and Push Authentication. Support for PSD2 SCA RTS dynamic linking. These methods ensure a higher level of security and a smooth user experience, providing users with a wide range of authentication options.
  2. Identity Proofing: working with best-in-class partners Authsignal, delivers seamless identity verification flows (eKYC) anywhere in your customer journey.
  3. No-Code Rules and Policy Engine: Our platform empowers Product and Fraud teams with a no-code rules and policy engine, allowing for rapid deployment of fraud mitigation strategies and policies. This flexibility enables businesses to adapt quickly to evolving threats and reduce customer friction.
  4. Integration and Deployment: Authsignal is a drop-in solution that integrates into any identity stack. This means businesses can quickly deploy our platform without the need for extensive development resources.
  5. Comprehensive Customer Journey Orchestration: Authsignal offers a unified view of customer actions and behavior, providing real-time observability and audit trail reporting. This holistic view aids in better decision-making, enhances the overall security posture, and helps satisfy some regulatory requirements.

Integrate Authsignal into Amazon Cognito or your existing IDP / CIAM and rapidly uplift customer security with best-in-class authentication experiences, passkeys, passwordless authentication, eKYC, and biometric authentication.

AWS Cognito customer success story: Using custom authentication challenge Lambda triggers with Authsignal.

A financial services firm found that our flexible integration model allowed them to easily switch from using AWS Cognito's hosted UI to using Lambda triggers together with Authsignal in order to rapidly implement more advanced custom authentication flows. Integrating Authsignal enabled them to quickly deploy best-in-class authentication experiences, including passkeys, passwordless authentication, eKYC, and biometric authentication.

Check out our implementation guide to learn how to enable best-in-class authentication experience support for AWS Cognito.

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Our partnership with AWS Marketplace opens up new avenues for businesses to enhance their authentication processes fast and avoid potential migration. Authsignal’s top-notch customer support teams are dedicated to helping enterprises secure their customer data, reduce fraud, and improve user experiences. Explore our offerings on AWS Marketplace and see how Authsignal can transform your customer identity and authentication strategies.

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Secure your customers’ accounts today with Authsignal.