In the ever-evolving landscape of digital security, ensuring robust and user-friendly authentication methods has become paramount. We at Authsignal are proud to release our latest feature: Mobile Native SDKs for Passkeys. This includes platform support for iOS, Android and cross-platform support via our React Native wrapper.

The native SDKs complete our full suite of passkey client solutions, from our hosted web UI which takes minutes to setup, to our embeddable web SDK, and now the ability to quickly enable your mobile app to auto-fill passkeys on login.

Authsignal's plug-in solution provides passkey backend server implementations, decreasing the complexity of rolling out passkeys for any architecture and existing system. Authsignal's no-code rules engine and analytics dashboards are the perfect complement to further use passkeys at different parts of your customer journeys, managing risk and customer experience.

Learn more about passkeys and SDK options.

Try our web based passkey demo here.