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Flutter Passkeys SDK

Dec 17, 2023
Justin Soong
Authsignal Flutter Passkeys SDK

Adding Passkeys support to your Flutter mobile app is now made extremely easy using Authsignal's latest Flutter Passkeys SDK release.

The Authsignal Flutter SDK includes support for both passkey enrollment and sign in in combination with the Authsignal server side APIs.

Click here to view Authsignal's Flutter SDK documentation

Flutter SDK Passkeys examples

Registering a new passkey

var result = await authsignal.passkey.signUp(token, userName);

Authenticating with an existing passkey

var result = await authsignal.passkey.signIn(token);

Using passkey auto-fill

var result = await authsignal.passkey.signIn(autofill: true);

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