Auth0 is a great platform for managing customer identity and credentials. However, like many idendity IAM/ CIAM platforms, it too requires significant consideration of key factors like data migration, cost and resources to deploy effectively.  There are Auth0 alternatives like Authsignal that require no migration and enable a superior customer experience and plug into Auth0.

What Auth0 alternatives are there?

Auth0 serves as a platform that offers authentication and authorization services specifically designed for businesses and software applications. However, Auth0 isn't for everyone. Many businesses consider the below factors and look towards an alternative Auth0-like solution.

Migration - Auth0 is great for storing user credentials. However, if you've already deployed on an existing database and stack, then migration will be required. Migration is no small task and comes with considerable challenges and risks.

Cost - as with all software, when you move up to the enterprise tier of features, there's significant cost and commitment. Plans can run into six figures easily. Factoring into consideration the cost of migration and resourcing, the reality can be a cost that's double your subscription cost once complete.

Inflexible customisation - building complex customer flows and having to integrate multiple vendors for KYC, Fraud detection, and similar can prove challenging.  It's worth considering a vendor who offers a marketplace approach to "Switch On" integrations.

The best Auth0 alternatives  

The best alternatives complement Auth0 and supercharge the capability of the platform.

Authsignal is a flexible and cost-effective alternative to Auth0. Brinig a plug-in approach to authentication that supports your existing stack and architecture. Auth0 customers can use the 'out of the box' integration to plug in Authsignal to their auth0 instance and deploy advanced authentication types anywhere in their customer journeys without having to incur the cost of the Auth0 professional or enterprise plans.  Authsignal supports passkeys, WebAuthn, and TOTP and has a powerful no-code rules engine to enable fraud and product teams to deliver world-class customer experiences. They support hosting in multi-regions, APAC, EU and North America.  Authsignal uses OpenID Connect and integrates with Azure AD B2C, Foregerock, and Auth0. offer a business-two-business security-focused solution that enables businesses to deploy passwordless authentication and improve security and compliance across a hybrid multi-cloud landscape and on different channels like GitHub, where developers access, write, and share code. They offer industry-leading certificate rotation technology, SSH access management, just-in-time GitHub access, SSL certificate discovery, and SSL health monitoring. manages and optimizes your entire Identity and Access Management (IAM) program. Simeio makes it easy to securely keep track of logins and provides self-service options with its top-notch access management services. Simeio ensures that the right user has the right access.

Firebase provides cross-platform SDKs and documentation for building and delivering web and mobile apps. It supports various forms of authentication, including passwords and federated identity providers such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook.