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Authsignal & Sekura Mobile!

November 8, 2022
Last Updated:
June 10, 2024
Paul Bickley

Sekura and Authsignal announce global partnership.

At Authsignal, we're excited to talk about yet another great partnership that will enable our customers to continue to build safer and more strongly authenticated customer journeys.

We're pleased to announce a powerful strategic global partnership with Sekura Mobile Intelligence. This will allow Authsignal to utilize Sekura’s growing global mobile intelligence footprint. Authsignal is taking advantage of the Sekura single super-low latency global API to incorporate mobile insight delivered directly from an eco-system formed exclusively with Mobile Operators. This will further enhance the quality and trustworthiness of secure customer authentication journeys delivered through the Authsignal platform.

Authsignal customers can now benefit from trusted ID verification, fraud insight and seamless authentication, all centred around your mobile device. Delivering mobile intelligence that is relevant, dynamic and in real-time. Authsignal Customers can now gain assurity using our new SimSwiap Shield 🛡️ feature. Sim Swap Shield detects the risk of a sim swap event and mitigates the risk of sim swapping, through additional authentication steps and risk-based decisioning.

The flexibility of both Authsignal and Sekura generates an opportunity to positively impact on customer journeys today!

About Sekura Mobile Intelligence Ltd

Working exclusively with Mobile Network Operators, and with coverage across five continents, Sekura Mobile Intelligence is the leading global provider of mobile data, providing trusted, secure, and easy-to-consume solutions for ID verification, anti-fraud, and secure online authentication use cases.

Sekura works with established KYC, identity verification and risk data providers who have already integrated into leading global brands with demand for mobile identity solutions. Through the integration of real-time mobile data into our partners’ existing services, Sekura enables them to extend and enhance their customer offerings into new services, use cases and geographies through the adoption of SAFr, our unique single standards-based, mobile intelligence API.

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