Authsignal and Deduce announce global partnership.

At Authsignal, we're excited to talk about yet another great partnership that will enable our customers to continue to build safer and more strongly authenticated customer journeys.

We're pleased to announce a powerful strategic global partnership with Deduce. This partnership will enable Authsignal to leverage the industry-leading Deduce Identity Network to strengthen its fraud and authentication offering. The joint collaboration will enhance the quality and trustworthiness of a secure customer authentication journey delivered through the Authsignal platform.

With the availability of Deduces' identity graph (the largest independent identity graph in the U.S), intelligence signals on over 500M identities and Authsignal's capabilities to authenticate and orchestrate secure customer journeys,  Authsignal customers can now benefit from an enhanced suite of authentication, risk and identity signals to build more trusted customer journeys.

Passwordless Authetnication and no code rules engine
Authsignal customers can now access Dedcue's identity graph and network with 500m + identities

The flexibility of both Authsignal and Deduce generates an opportunity to positively impact on customer journeys today!

About Deduce

Deduce provides your first line of defense against consumer-facing new account, synthetic fraud, and stolen identify fraud using behavioural intelligence at scale derived from the constantly growing Deduce Identity Network—the largest real-time identity graph across cyber risk and fraud in the U.S. today with over 550M profiles and more than 1.5B daily activities. To learn more, please visit