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Authsignal Launches Passwordless Authentication & Fraud Rules in Europe and Australia

January 9, 2023
Last Updated:
June 24, 2024
Justin Soong
Authsignal is live in Europe, United States, Australia

We’re excited to announce that Authsignal is now live in Europe, the United States and Australia, with the availability of hosting in two new global regions!!

Including our current United States (Oregon) region, Customers can now host their data in two new AWS regions, Europe (Ireland) and APAC (Australia - Sydney).  

Offering support to host data in multiple regions has long been a key component in our roadmap and helps Authsignal continue to orientate its Fraud Ops and Authentication Platform towards greater customer data sovereignty. Once more, we’re pleased to enable customers to better support their operational compliance and business requirements by making available hosting in local jurisdictions to comply with relevant legislation.

Securing your customer journeys in your location region also brings additional end-user value with increased responsiveness and an enhanced customer experience, through passwordless authentication factors, like WebAuthn/FIDO2/Passkeys, Authenticator App (TOTP), Email Magic Links, SMS One Time Passwords, and Push Notifications (in beta).

Authsignal supports the hosting of data in the following regions in AWS data centres.

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