Authsignal has a suite of integrations which include an Open ID Connect (OIDC) based Microsoft Azure AD B2C integration allowing Azure AD B2C tenants to quickly launch complex multi-factor authentication (MFA) and passwordless user journeys that can be set up in hours. Authsignal with Azure AD B2C allows your team to create highly customized user journeys that balance security and customer experience.

Authsignal Azure AD B2C Authentication Orchestration

The Authsignal integration uses the Azure AD B2C identity experience framework custom policies to federate your flows. Authsignal then orchestrates the authentication user journey across multiple passwordless/multi-factor authenticator factors like FIDO2/Passkeys, Push Notifications, SMS, Time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) and email magic links and Identity proofing/eKYC integrations with our partner integrations.

Authsignal's out-of-the-box and best practice UI/UX flows are fully customisable using our template engine saving your team additional time and effort.

Authsignal's customizable template engine for Azure AD B2C

Authsignal's no-code rules engine allows fine-grained rules and policies to be completely managed without engineering effort. With a complete audit trail and analytics suite built in, customer support and investigation teams gain increased observability across the customer journey.

You can find view Authsignal's

No code Rules Engine and Analytics

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